History and Key People

History & Focus

Launched in 2006, CondoPapers focuses on doing one thing, and doing it better than anyone: Delivering to owners, purchasers, realtors and lawyers the documents related to condominium, strata and HOA.

We perform this very focused, very vertical, activity through two key strengths:

  1. Building an innovative, accessible and surprisingly feature rich portal for the listing, management, sale, delivery and tracking of documents.

  2. Providing unlimited, exceptional, customer service to our vendors and purchasers.

And we truly love the customer support and service (seriously, we do!) experience.

People are phenomenal and amazing. When they call or email, we work with them using laughter, listening, patience, and timely action to make sure their day goes well, and their support requirements are met with complete satisfaction.

We know that little things can push a grumpy day into a bad day. We also know that a bit of genuine human interaction can turn any day into a phenomenal day.

And that's what our mission is to do: We turn people's days into something phenomenal.

Key People

Stephen Cassady

Stephen has 30 years of software and management experience for municipal, federal, and corporate clients: from the City of Airdrie, to Environment Canada, through to Defence Research Development Canada. He has received over a score of awards for his internet work, including a showing at the New Museum of Contemporary Art in NYC. His work has been profiled in several places, including the Discovery Channel and IBM's Insight Magazine. With a keen interest in developing accessible applications that deliver value, he's taken his own condominium experience (including condo board President) to realize that there is a need to streamline many of the services for owners and management companies.

Along with CondoPapers, Stephen has served as President of the Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI) National Executive, President of the Southern Alberta chapter, and served on the non-profit's National Council. He has been a member of the Province of Alberta's Condominium Property Act Review Committee, a court appointed administrator, and profession chair for multiple troubled condominium AGMs. A Member of the Association of Condominium Managers of Alberta, a past president of a 107 unit condominium, past board member of a 205 unit condominium, and past board member of a 36 unit mixed commercial/residential buidling. Stephen has lived in a condominium for over 30 years.

For fun, he teaches board governance, and has written a (non-condo related) book.

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