For Management Companies Looking To Join CondoPapers

CondoPapers Background

CondoPapers exists to simplify condominium document delivery for condo, strata and HOA management companies. Since inception, CondoPapers has processed and delivered over 300,000 unique documents on behalf of our partners.

One System, Any Legislation, Any Model

CondoPapers is the first to introduce a unified distribution platform that allows a management company to organize, maintain, and sell documents in multiple jurisdictions with each region having distinct legislative requirements around pricing, sales, and taxation. Enjoy the benefits of:

  1. Multiple branches, one interface
  2. Employees can have access to all, some or only one branch depending on your structure
  3. Works well with centralized accounting and a hub branch system
  4. Each branch can operate under different legislation, different work-flow, and different regional requirements
  5. We support different revenue processes for different branches
  6. Branches can aggregate revenue for large service discounts

Why Our Partners Choose CondoPapers

Our partners - from those that have been with us over 10 years, through to our more recent relationships - have benefited in five core areas by working with CondoPapers:

  1. It allows their team to focus on core priorities
  2. Frees up internal resources for other purposes
  3. Adds flexibility to your document delivery & tracking process
  4. Increases customer satisfaction
  5. Brings compliance with state, provincial, and federal legislation
By providing a document work flow that easily, and securely, manages documents request and fulfillment, our partners have greater freedom to meet the priority tasks that management companies face.

CondoPapers Essential Information

  1. CondoPapers' single focus is document delivery on behalf of property management companies
  2. Our document management and ordering works with any Internet Browser and uses SSL based encryption
  3. Non-exclusive contract makes us part of your process, not "the" process
  4. No set-up or exit fees
  5. Unlimited free support for all vendors and purchasers via e-mail or toll-free number
  6. Free set-up and training for your staff
  7. An extensive real-time reporting and workflow notification system
  8. Data collection for legal and legislative requirements
  9. Dynamic watermarking to protect against document resale
  10. No fees to you or purchasers for documents distributed for free

CondoPapers Contact Information

The best way to find out how CondoPapers can simplify your document delivery is to call:
Stephen Cassady at 1-888-777-2511
He'll be more than excited to answer any questions you have.

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